Plateau Of Iran On A Map

By | December 18, 2019

The average elevation of this plateau is about 900 metres 2 953 ft but several of the mountains that tower over the plateau exceed 3 000 metres 9 843 ft. 984px x 573px 256 colors resize this map.

The Iranian Plateau Maps On Iran By Irancarto

A high plateau between 1 500 and 1 800 m above sea level is situated between the khinghan in the east altunshan and tien shan in the south altai in the west and yablonovy in the north.

Plateau of iran on a map

. Iran the second largest country in the middle east has 5 000 years of fascinating history and is home to one of the world s oldest continuous major civilizations. Islamic republic of iran2277 x 2096 507 44k png. Click on the iranian plateau to view it full screen. Approximately 2 7 million sq km in area the iranian.

Known as persia until 1935 iran was unified as a nation in 625 bc by the medes and was first ruled by the achaemenid empire. To the interior of the iranian plateau and low pressure systems develop over the warm waters of the caspian sea the persian gulf and the mediterranean sea. 1 800 km 1 118 mi north south 2 560 km 1 591 mi east west. Iran historical map persia 1064 x 766 176 47k jpg.

Succeeded by the seleucid empire the parthians and then the sassanids until 651 ad. In summer one of the world s lowest pressure centres prevails in the south. Hover to zoom map. Where is iran located1000 x 1000 128 96k png.

Other articles where iranian plateau is discussed. You can resize this map. Central asia or middle asia is the core region of the asian continent and stretches from the caspian sea in the west to china in the east and from afghanistan in the south to russia in the north. Iran 128 pakistan 52 afghanistan 12 turkmenistan 7 azerbaijan 1 numbers are approximate percentage of range area area.

Northern iran map plateau of iran map states of iran iran road map chabahar iran map rasht iran map usa iran map iran 3d map capital of iran map iran map vector north iran map india iran map persian language map iran borders map persepolis iran map map of iran today iran china map iran map middle east iran new map bandar abbas iran map modern day map of africa map turkey iran iraq modern persia persia is modern day iraq eastern iran map regions of iran. 1 805 575 sq km 697 133 sq mi area may include lowland areas. The iranian plateau is bounded on the north by the turanian depression and the southern caspian lowland. 261138 bytes 255 02 kb map dimensions.

The center of iran consists of several closed basins that collectively are referred to as the central plateau. Low pressure systems in pakistan generate two regular wind patterns. Enter height or width below and click on submit iran maps. It is contiguous on the west with the armenian highlands and on the east with the pamir mountain region.

Damavand 5610 m 18 406 ft countries. In geology the plateau region of iran primarily formed of the accretionary gondwanan terranes between the turan platform to the north and the main zagros thrust the suture zone between the northward moving arabian plate and the eurasian continent is called the iranian plateau. The central desert plateau of iran is enclosed by zagros in the south and west and elburz in the north. Iranian plateau iran maps.

On the east by the plain of the indus basin. Iranian plateau one of the southwestern asian highland regions of western asia. The iranian plateau 1 the iranian plateau or the persian plateau is a geological formation in western asia and central asia. Region of southeast asia extends.

Lies to the north west of stanovoy mountain. Search engines search the web for iranian plateau. And on the southwest by the mesopotamian lowland. Lies to the west of mongolian plateau.

On the south by the garmsir the coastal desert.

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