Map Lesser Antilles Islands

While the lucayan archipelago of bahamas and turks and caicos is part of the west indies they are not usually included in the antilles. Lesser antilles political map.


Venezuela is located just north of the lesser antilles called pupa antilles.

Map lesser antilles islands

. The lesser antilles are the pupa islands in the north of the antilles and the winward islands in the southeast. Inset map of trinidad and tobago. The caribbees with haiti the dominican republic and puerto rico in the caribbean sea. Map of the caribbean about us the lesser antilles are situated at the eastern and southern edge of the caribbean sea and are made up of a line of fragmented land masses from the virgin islands in the north to trinidad in the south plus the leeward antilles previously known as the netherlands antilles which lie just north of venezuela.

Map of the lesser antilles caraïbes published by nelles map. Trinidad and tobago trinidad and tobago is a nation consisting primarily of two caribbean islands trinidad and tobago just off the. On one side is the map of the southern part of the caraïbes with jamaica hispaniola haiti and the dominican republic puerto rico virgin islands leeward islands and windward islands including the northern coast of south america. These islands were the first part of the new world to be settled and colonized by europeans.

The lesser antilles are an archipelago in the southeastern caribbean forming a barrier between the caribbean sea and the atlantic ocean. Lesser antilles long arc of small islands in the caribbean sea extending in a north south direction from the virgin islands to grenada.

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