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Map of the caribbean about us the lesser antilles are situated at the eastern and southern edge of the caribbean sea and are made up of a line of fragmented land masses from the virgin islands in the north to trinidad in the south plus the leeward antilles previously known as the netherlands antilles which lie just north of venezuela. Venezuela is located just north of the lesser antilles called pupa antilles.

A Map Over The Lesser Antilles Where The Labeled Islands Are Part

The caribbee islands the virgin islands and the isle of porto rico.

Lesser antilles map islands

. The islands of the lesser antilles are divided into three groups. The windward islands got their name because they re exposed to the wind windward of the northeast trade winds northeasterlies. A number of other islands trinidad and tobago off the northeastern coast of venezuela and the east west island chain from margarita island to aruba off the northern coast of venezuela are physiographically part of the south american continental shelf but are usually included in definitions of the lesser antilles. The greater antilles consists of cuba jamaica puerto rico cayman islands and hispaniola.

The windward islands include. It begins just off the coast of puerto rico with the british and u s. Three major physiographic divisions constitute the west indies. A system of colour codes and letters with the key in a panel at bottom centre identifies the various european dominions in the region.

The lesser antilles including the virgin islands anguilla saint kitts and nevis antigua and barbuda montserrat guadeloupe dominica martinique saint lucia saint vincent and the grenadines barbados and grenada. Virgin islands and extends south to grenada. 1330000 antigua antigua a barbuda bonne rigobert andré. Cartes de supplément pour les isles antilles 1.

These islands were the first part of the new world to be settled and colonized by europeans. The windward islands and the leeward islands make up the lesser antilles of the caribbean. The windward islands in the south the leeward islands in the north and the leeward antilles in the west. Old maps of lesser antilles on old maps online.

And the isolated island groups of the north american continental shelf the bahamas. The lesser antilles are an archipelago in the southeastern caribbean forming a barrier between the caribbean sea and the atlantic ocean. The windward islands southern group and the leeward islands are the norther group. Bontein was the chief engineer in jamaica and published a map of that island in 1763.

Hispaniola is divided into haiti and the dominican republic. The lesser antilles are the pupa islands in the north of the antilles and the winward islands in the southeast. The lesser antilles include the smaller islands of the caribbean to the south and east of the great antilles. The caribbean island grouping known as the lesser antilles consists of three smaller island groups the windward islands the leeward islands and the leeward antilles and includes all the small islands in the caribbean south of puerto rico.

The greater antilles comprising the islands of cuba jamaica hispaniola haiti and the dominican republic and puerto rico.

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